10 Ways To Keep Your Energy Up While Traveling
15 Sep 2016

There are plenty of frustrating aspects of traveling, but jet lag doesn’t have to be one of them. The following ten tips can help you avoid jet lag by boosting your energy before take off and keeping it up throughout your trip.

1. Know what time you land.
This is perhaps the most overlooked, yet important step in warding off jetlag. Mentally prepare yourself for arriving at your destination by being aware of what time you will land and even how light the sky will be. If you’ll be arriving in the morning try to relax and sleep on your flight; if you’ll be arriving at night, do just the opposite—keep yourself awake for the entire flight.

2. Make yourself comfortable.
Bring anything you’ll need to be comfortable during your flight. Most travelers prefer to wear shoes they can easily slide off and layers that help them adjust to the cabin temperature. Also consider bringing a pair of warm socks, a fuzzy neck pillow, your favorite headphones, and something for entertainment.

3. Be cautious with sleep-aids.
Some travelers, especially those on overnight flights, use sleep-aids like melatonin or wine to get quality rest on the plane. But too much of either or the two in conjunction can cause grogginess or even prevent you from sleeping.

4. Pack your own healthy food.
The heavy, salty food served on airplanes doesn’t do much in the way of boosting energy. Try packing your own healthy meals, like a salad or wrap, and snacks that will keep you full and energized, like nuts, protein bars, or fresh fruit. If you have any dietary restrictions, be sure to research the food options available wherever you are traveling to and pack extra snacks that agree with your needs.

5. Curate your own playlists.
Create a few different playlists before you leave—at least one to relax you and another to pump you back up again.

6. Stay hydrated.
Flights often leave us feeling dehydrated and as a result, worn out. Combat this feeling by drinking plenty of water the day of your flight and packing your own water bottle that can be refilled frequently.

7. Pack practical pieces.
Pack shoes that are practical both for the flight and for walking around your travel destination. You should also pack clothes that you can easily mix and match, layer, and transition from night to day. This will help you stay comfortable and save time.

8. Leave your work at home.
Unless you are traveling for business, leave your work behind. Even if you are traveling for business, take advantage of your flight as a time to relax and unwind, work will be waiting for you on the ground.

9. Stay active.
Start off your day with light to moderate exercise to increase your energy and get a good night’s rest. Pack lightweight exercise equipment, like a resistance band or jump rope, or a tablet to stream at-home exercise programs, like Physique 57 or Yogis Anonymous. You can also stay moving by engaging in some local recreational fun, like surfing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Try taking a morning jog around town to get familiar with the landscape and sights.

10. Plan down time.
The best way to completely deplete your energy while traveling is to create a jam-packed itinerary with little time to rest. Be sure to plan for at least an hour of downtime every day, whatever that looks like for you, to keep your energy steady and prevent a burnout. For more information regarding keeping your energy up, [Click Here].

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