A World Traveler’s Must-Haves
15 Oct 2015

Other than your essential clothing and toiletries and travel documents, the extremely well seasoned traveler, Gunnar Garfors, recommends three must-have items for international travel: a printed itinerary, a pen, and a notepad. As simple as these items may seem, they are often overlooked for more expensive modern gadgets. Garfors recommends leaving the technology behind, as it may not serve you as well in other areas, due to language barriers, risk of robbery, and cultural assumptions.

Printed itineraries are important because they are more widely accepted and safer than electronic documents. Many airports that don’t accept electronic boarding passes, make no mention of this policy ahead of time. They also may not provide you with the opportunity to print your ticket in the airport. When constantly presenting your cell phone or tablet, your risk of being robbed in the airport increases immensely, Garfors adds.

A pen is a great thing to have on you while traveling, because foreigners are often required to fill out documents before participating in activities, entering buildings, etc. Having a pen handy can expedite the process.

Notepads are a great communication aid for travelers. Especially if you are struggling with (or anticipate that you may face) a language barrier, a notepad will allow you to draw out what you need, making it easier for natives to assist you. Notepads also reduce your risk of being robbed while traveling, by saving you from pulling your cell phone out frequently.

With these tips in mind, ditch your technology and opt for the simple on your next international trip!

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