The 10 worst airports for Thanksgiving flights
19 Sep 2016

With the joy of the Thanksgiving season comes the frustration of traveling, and it is no secret that airports become one of the busiest places in the country. A list has been compiled that sheds light on the worst airports to travel out of during the Thanksgiving holiday. If your city is included, it might be time to start looking into alternative airports to fly out of this season.

View the gallery above for the most hectic airports in the country as well as other locations to travel from in order to avoid delayed flights and overall stress.

10. John F. Kennedy Airport: New York locals know to avoid this airport due to it being notoriously crowded anytime of year. During the holidays, the congestion skyrockets. MacArthur Airport in Islip, New York is 50 miles away from Manhattan, but the time saved on travel makes the journey more than worth it. Southwest, American, and Elite Airways all fly to and from MacArthur Airport.

9. Newark Liberty International: Many New Yorkers drive to this airport in New Jersey as an alternative to JFK Airport. However, the Thanksgiving holiday will cause Newark to be even more crowded than JFK, something that is not easily accomplished. Trenton-Mercer Airport in Ewing, New Jersey is a viable alternative. Located 52 miles from Newark, this airport is less known by travellers and is the perfect location to avoid the crowds.

8. San Francisco International: Swathes of people are constantly leaving and arriving from the biggest airport in Northern California. The holidays only amplify the volume of travelers. Oakland Airport, which is only 20 miles from San Francisco, always has smaller crowds, and thus is a better option, especially during the holidays.

7. Houston George Bush Intercontinental: Airports that can be flown out of in lieu of this one are relatively far away, but you will still save time due to Houston’s absurdly large crowds. William P. Hobby Airport is a relatively safe bet if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle during Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for an airport with even less travelers, Austin and San Antonio are other great Texas options.

6. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport: Known for being extremely clogged around the holidays, this airport has only gotten worse over the recent years. Despite it being a lengthy journey, Charleston International Airport in South Carolina is the next best option to ensure your travel isn’t infuriatingly stressful. Flights that service passengers in this airport include American, JetBlue, Delta, Southwest, and United.

5. Dallas/Fort Worth International: Any airport that has flights going to more than 200 locations is sure to be busy, whether it’s a holiday or not. On Thanksgiving, you may wish you had flown out of a different place. If you have tickets for Delta, Southwest, or Virgin America, Dallas Love Field is a great alternative.

4. Denver International: As one of the most popular airports in America, Denver International, it is going to be difficult to navigate through during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Although Colorado Springs Airport is 80 miles away, it has a 79% on-time departure rate, making it a much safer option than Denver. To further add to its appeal, most major carriers service passengers from it.

3. Los Angeles International Airport: Airline passengers need to arrive exceptionally early to LAX in order to make their flights – and that’s just on any given day. When Thanksgiving rolls around, you need to allot even more time than normal, and that’s not even including the guaranteed delay from Los Angeles traffic. Airports in Long Beach or Burbank are certain to save you time on your journey. Furthermore, some of the biggest airlines, particularly Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and United, service airports in these areas.

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International: Despite alternative airports being fairly far away from Hartsfield-Jackson, it is definitely worth the effort invested. This is due to Atlanta being home to the second-busiest airport on Thanksgiving. Airports that are far less crowded are Chattanooga (123 miles away), Birmingham (147 miles away).

1. Chicago O’Hare International: The airport that easily tops this list is Chicago, which is infamously busy on any day of the year. There are a couple of alternatives in Chicago. Rockford is 73 miles away from O’Hare International, while Chicago Midway is only 21 miles away, and considerably less crowded. For more information regarding airports during the holidays, [Click Here].

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