American Airlines Employees Sporting New Uniforms
17 Oct 2016

American Airlines recently unveiled their new uniforms, which were worn by their 70,000 employees. It has been the first wardrobe change in almost thirty years.

Flight attendants, pilots, and agents who work at the airline’s gates are all equipped with the new outfits.

LaKesha Brown, an American Airlines spokesperson, declared “as the uniform changes have been in the works for about three years, our most important consideration was our employees.” She went on to say, “through wear testing, changes were made to improve fit and functionality to stand up to the rigors of demanding jobs.”

The colors of the uniforms include those from both American Airlines and U.S. Airways, which merged last autumn. Gray, blue, and a dash of red form the uniform’s new color palette.

American Airlines intends to further bolster their wardrobe options every few years, adding selections like more dress options and different styles of shirts, to both give employees greater freedom and remain true to the American Airlines brand. For more regarding American Airlines employees new uniforms, [Click Here].

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