Book Travel Strategically This Holiday Season
13 Nov 2015

Timing is of the essence when booking holiday travel. Prime booking dates for this holiday season may have passed, but it’s not too late to land a reasonably good deal on holiday travel. recently released their “Insider Index,” with trends for the busiest travel days this season. The report also identifies the least popular and cheapest travel days around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, with destinations that make for the most economical get aways this season.

The busiest travel day this Thanksgiving is November 25, and the least busy is November 30. If you are looking for a Thanksgiving get away, Orbitz suggests taking a trip to Texas, as airfare rates to Texas are down 11 percent and hotel rates 13 percent year-over-year.

The most popular day for travel is December 23, and the least popular is December 27. Consider taking a trip to Denver this Christmas, where, in comparison to last year, airfare is down 7 percent and hotel rates have decreased by 17 percent.

New Year’s
The day before New Year’s Eve, December 30, is expected to be the busiest travel day. Travelers who are able to fly on New Year’s Day, will find the best rates and airport conditions, because it is the currently the least popular day to travel. Get more bang for your buck by spending New Year’s in Chicago. Orbitz reports airfare to Chicago is down 10 percent and hotel rates are down 9 percent since 2014.

Holiday travel is anticipated to be very popular this year, with close to 66 percent of Americans planning to fly this holiday season, due to decreased fuel prices and airfare. Make the most of your holiday travel by booking smart and contact one of concierge representatives today to assist you at 718-361-8818! Read More.

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