Tips for the International Business Traveler
13 Jan 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 3.07.26 PMOver the course of more than 1,000 flights in the last 14 years, Kevin Dunn, CEO and founder of, has traveled over 2.1 million air miles. With his extensive experience in business travel, Dunn offers up his list of the seven most important international business travel trips.

Before You Fly

1. Passports and visas:
Check the entry rules for your travel destination before you leave your home country. The rules for entry vary depending on the country you’re traveling to, the country you’re traveling from, reason for travel, and how long you’ll stay. Some countries won’t allow you entry if your passport expires within the next six months. Other countries require you to apply for an entry visa upon arrival, meaning you’ll need to bring photos, birth certificate, and cash, or you could be refused entry.

2. Preparing for the time change:
Be aware of the time difference before you leave and plan your sleep schedule accordingly, especially for the flight.

While Flying

3. Avoid alcohol:
Alcohol is free on most international flights, which can make drinking very tempting. But passing up on a free drink is much easier than dealing with a hangover on top of jet lag. If you think you will have trouble sleeping on the flight try restricting your rest before the flight or talk to a trusted practitioner about a safe sleep aid.

4. Keep your blood flowing:
Catch up on rest during a long flight, but to avoid blood clots and poor circulation, Dunn suggests taking a walk once every hour you are awake. Getting up and stretching your legs will help you feel much better upon landing.

Post Arrival

5. Double check before de-boarding:
We tend to stick our phones, laptops, and other valuables in seatback pockets or under seats. Get in the habit of double-checking for all your things before you de-board the airplane, so that you don’t leave without them.

6. Rest and hydrate:
If you’re traveling for business, plan to arrive the night before your professional obligations, so that you have plenty of time to sleep and rehydrate. Dunn suggests drinking plenty of water before, during, and after a long flight.

In the Future

7. Book strategically:
If you travel fairly often, try to stick to one main air carrier, for both business and personal travel, so that you can amass as many travel points and benefits as they offer.

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