This Budget Airline Is Adding 50% More Flights Between Britain and the U.S.
5 Dec 2016

The U.S. Transportation Department has granted flying rights to Norwegian Air’s Irish unit. There will be 50% more flights serviced by Norwegian Air Shuttle between the United States and Britain during the summer of 2017. The extra […]

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American Airlines to trim Cuba flight schedules
28 Nov 2016

American Airlines Group will reduce the amount of flights going to Cuba in 2017 by 25 percent, according to a spokesman for the company. American Airlines claims this is due to a decrease in travel demand and […]

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A Guide to Surviving Holiday Travel
21 Nov 2016

It’s no secret that the holidays make for some of the most stressful travel days of the year. With unpredictable weather, droves of people, and technical complications, it’s important to be well prepared for holiday travel, by […]

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Traveling With Pets Just Got Easier
14 Nov 2016

A 2015 ruling by the Department of Transportation is finally coming to fruition in some of the nation’s busiest airports, and it means good news for our furry traveling friends. Any airport servicing more than 10,000 a […]

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23 Travel Tips to Read Before the Holiday Season
7 Nov 2016

Traveling has gotten a bad rap for being one huge hassle. From long lines, extra fees, and delays, the process can be quite overwhelming, but with these following simple tips and trips from frequent travelers and industry […]

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20 Incredible Vintage Planes You Can Still Fly In
31 Oct 2016

In 2016, there are plenty of new planes to get excited about: the slim, sleek Bombardier CS100, the innovative Airbus A350 XWB, and, of course, the low-flying Boeing 737 MAX. However, these sleek, beautiful aircraft can’t quite […]

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Fly from London to New York in 2.5 hours: “supersonic” concept plane can take off and land like a helicopter
24 Oct 2016

– The Flash Falcon, designed by Oscar Viñals, would provide more space for passengers while cutting down on journeys across the Atlantic. – As a double-decker aircraft, the plane would be able accommodate 250 passengers. – The […]

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American Airlines Employees Sporting New Uniforms
17 Oct 2016

American Airlines recently unveiled their new uniforms, which were worn by their 70,000 employees. It has been the first wardrobe change in almost thirty years. Flight attendants, pilots, and agents who work at the airline’s gates are […]

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Do the travel and hospitality industries have room for even more technology?
10 Oct 2016

The travel and hospitality industries, with their desire to beat out competitors, retain customers, and attract new opportunities, have inspired some of the most impressive technological advancements we’ve ever experienced. Can you remember when booking travel meant […]

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LaGuardia Overhaul Slows Ride to the Airport
3 Oct 2016

Travelers who intend to fly out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport are advised to arrive at least two to two-and-a-half hours before their scheduled flight, in order to accommodate the traffic delays from the airport’s ongoing construction. […]

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