Climate Change Could Affect Commercial Travel Time
15 Oct 2015

Changes in wind patterns, caused by climate change, are already lengthening flight times over the pacific. This trend could likely spread to other regions of the globe. Lengthier flights will not only plague travelers, but further damage the environment, new research suggests.

Three percent of the carbon emissions responsible for human-caused climate change comes from air travel. With longer flight times, that number will only increase in the future. But, when greater climate change leads to increased flight time, the travel industry finds itself between a rock and a hard place.

Researchers studied flight patterns from major cities on the West Coast to Honolulu over the course of one year. On average flights were each one minute longer, due to the effects of the El Nino Southern Oscillation and the Arctic Oscillation

For now, the area where climate phenomena affect travel time most is over the Pacific. But, while researchers believe climate change will affect other areas of the globe, they don’t yet know whether or not flights in other areas will be lengthened or shortened by changing wind patterns.

Airlines spend huge amounts of money annually to research the most efficient ways to travel. They now have great reason to add changing wind patterns and climate change to their list of weather-related issues.

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