Airport flight will go direct into LAX
26 Sep 2016

At 4:10 p. m. on June 3rd, American Airlines will send its first flight from western Colorado to Los Angeles, establishing a previously nonexistent connection between the two states.

The airline intends to schedule flights along that same route once a week. Spokesmen for the company claim they hope Grand Junction becomes a larger hub for airline passengers.

The executive director for the Grand Junction Regional Airport, Kip Turner, said “We are thrilled American Airlines will be connecting our community to this important leisure and business destination.” He went on to mention, “The addition of Los Angeles service not only allows local passengers to access an additional nonstop destination on American Airlines from Grand Junction, but the new flights will allow more tourists the opportunity to visit our community and experience the region’s offerings with ease, especially during the busy summer season.”

The Grand Junction Visitor and Convention Bureau declared that the new flight route would reach more than just southern California travelers.

“It opens us up as a potential gateway for international travel.” Bureau manager Barb Bowman pointed out that there are Chinese, Japanese, and European tour companies based in Los Angeles.

“That’s the first question we’re asked, whether we have a direct flight, and now we can say yes.”

American Airlines plans to offer the flight between June 3rd and August 19th. Reservations can be made at

According to the Grand Junction Regional Air Services Task Force, the new Los Angeles flight is prioritized over everything else. Members of the organization have collectively contributed $40,000 toward marketing.

American Airlines and Western Slope will reap the rewards of the Los Angeles flight, says Diane Schwenke, who is the president and CEO of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We are thrilled that there is interest by American Airlines in exploring this option that could be mutually beneficial for the community and the airline,” said Schwenke.

A 66-seat jet, the CRJ-700, will be the aircraft that operates along the new route.

Flights from Grand Junction to LAX are scheduled to depart from Colorado at 4:10 p.m. and arrive in Los Angeles by 5:20 p.m.

Flights returning from Los Angeles will depart at 12:30 p.m. and arrive in Colorado at 3:37 p.m.

American Airlines’ Los Angeles flight service will coincide with the Dallas-Fort Worth flight to Phoenix while simultaneously providing another outlet to reach the airline’s international clientele. For more information regarding direct flights to LAX, [Click Here].

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