Gateway to Heaven | Chef Daniel Green
4 Apr 2016

In today’s world travel is not the experience that it once was. Smart travelers try to avoid the unavoidable (as in the worst travel days of the year) Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break and Easter, but it’s not easy to implement this strategy as schools make it hard to take the kids out early and in some cases the parents will even be fined for doing so. But I have found the gateway to Heaven.

Every traveling parent knows all too well the nightmare of having to fight your way through airports with luggage and kids in tow. For those of us business travelers who are spoiled by TSA Pre-Check the indignities sting even more as we find ourselves relegated to the back of the line when we travel with our families because they usually don’t have such privileges.

But there is hope.

How about being met at the curb and whisked through check in, security and assisted to a club for the entire family. Then being picked up and pre-boarded like a movie star?

Well you can have all this and you won’t pay an astronomical price either. comes to the rescue.

This is a service that can arrange a meet and greet at any airport in the world and have you sped through from curb to plane in record time. Book ahead of time for better prices and airports do vary in cost.

My family and I were traveling on the busiest spring break day of the year so I thought this would be a good time to try the service. And it was lucky that I did. There was an accident at the terminal so it took us an hour to pull up as Minneapolis was a totally mess. We had the greeter’s contact number ahead of time so when I called him he was waiting for us at the curb side. He grabbed our bags and had them checked in and passed us our boarding cards in no time. You send them your passport details in advance so that they can smooth the way.

After this we were taken to the front of the longest security line that I have seen in a while. But for us, zero wait. Next we were taken in an electric cart taken to the Delta SkyClub. Access is part of the service whether you have a membership or not.Screenshot 2016-04-04 17.09.34

When boarding began, we were taken again on an electric cart to the gate and pre-boarded; all incredibly stress free. Seat belts were fastened and off we went to Mexico.

The fee was $309 for the entire family of 4 and it was worth every penny of it. The service was a real treat. For a 3 hour flight I would rather go economy class and pay for THIS perk anytime.

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