Big Improvements Coming to Orlando International by 2017
8 Aug 2016

AIRPORT-SECURITY-ASSISTANCE,-AIRPORT-PARKING,-ONLINE-TRAVEL-COMPANIES,-AIRPORT-CAR-SERVICE-JFK,-GATEWAY-VIP-SERVICES,-MEET-AND-GREETMillions of dollars in renovations are coming to Orlando International Airport. A $146 million makeover will take place in the airport’s ticket lobbies over the next year and a half in an effort to improve the size, look, and design of the areas.

Ticketing areas on both airsides at Orlando will be expanded by 32.000 additional square feet and equipped with self-serve kiosks and brand new television screens, which will display updated information about weather and flights. The remodel should not only make the airport more visually appealing, but should expedite the ticketing process for travelers.

“The days of the ticket counter are quietly disappearing,” said Stan Thorton, chief operating officer at Orlando International.

Construction has already begun at the airport. In some areas, ceilings are excavated and partitions are setup to hide construction. The remodeling is taking place, in part, to prepare for an influx of travelers expected at Orlando International in the coming years.

“We’re trying to stretch this, because we know the maximum break point is 45 million” people per year, Thorton said. Between May 2015 and May 2016, the airport served over 40 million travelers.

The lobby areas will be expanded from the curb, where passengers are currently dropped off, out 25 feet into the road. Once the expansion construction is complete, the digital screens will be put up on the walls behind the ticket counters to help direct passengers through the airport more efficiently. While there are now 62 self-serve kiosks in the ticket lobbies at Orlando International, that number will increase to 300 or more by the end of the remodel.

“Overall, we feel the work is need,” said Peter Houghton, Southwest Airlines senior manager of airport affairs.

As the number of passengers at the airport increased, some travelers claim to try their best to avoid the ticket lobbies, because the area is so often congested and hard to move through. For some of these travelers, curbside check-in is their current solution. The good news for these travelers is that curbside check-in, like the services offered by Southwest Airlines outside the actual airport, will not be affected by the construction.

The remodel also includes updating airport décor, with mosaic-like floor designs, and adding a parking facility just south of the airport. The 2,500-space parking garage will be a three-minute ride by people mover to the main terminal. That project is expected to be finished by next summer.

In total, the improvements to Orlando International Airport will cost around $1.6 billion. For more information regarding Orlando International, [Click Here].

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