LaGuardia Overhaul Slows Ride to the Airport
3 Oct 2016

Travelers who intend to fly out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport are advised to arrive at least two to two-and-a-half hours before their scheduled flight, in order to accommodate the traffic delays from the airport’s ongoing construction.

The airport apologized for the delay, adding that it is a necessary renovation to the building.

“Construction requires the altering of traffic patterns in and around the airport as well as the closure of several parking lots and limited parking,” officials said.

According to reports by TSA, the traffic was so congested that there were passengers who resorted to walking down Grand Central Parkway with their luggage just to make it to their flights on time.

Tweets from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey recommended that passengers leave themselves plenty of time to get to the airport while the $8 million renovation is in progress.

LaGuardia Gateway Partners, the contracting company hired to complete the construction at the airport, is building a new parking garage as their first order of business.

LaGuardia Partners CEO, Stewart Steeves, stated that during the first three or four years of the project there should not be anything to inhibit passengers from getting to their actual gates when they travel. He did say, however, that as long as the project is ongoing, travelers should expect delays when driving to the airport.

The rebuilding of the outdated airport is scheduled to be completed over the next five years. For more information regarding the ride to LaGuardia airport, [Click Here].

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