How to Make the Most of Airline Sales
18 Apr 2016

AIRPORT-ASSISTANCE, AIRPORT-CONCIERGE, AIRPORT-MEET-AND-GREET, MICHAEL-CANO, MEET-AND-GREET, GATEWAY-VIP-SERVICES,7Though the days of $9 flights are long gone, Frontier and Southwest recently lowered airfare prices. The price cuts may have been modest, but it is a move the industry hasn’t seen in several years.

Now is a confusing time as ever to buy airline tickets. Some carriers are hiking prices way up, while others are making cuts. The most important rule in capitalizing on these yo-yoing prices is to shop smart. Attempts to raise prices considerably are usually only temporary, so shopping around and narrowing down the best window of time to purchase is crucial.

One way to take advantage of flight deals and avoid paying top dollar, is to set airfare alerts. Several airlines offer the option to sign up for email alerts whenever flights to a certain destination go on sale. If you see a price you like, don’t wait to purchase your ticket. Cheap seats are limited and sell much faster than those listed at regular price.

Another way to stretch your dollar with airlines is to keep your window of opportunity in mind. Those who purchase flights too far in advance and particularly those who wait until the last minute to buy a seat usually end up paying more than they should for a flight. Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare, suggests buying tickets for domestic flights between three-and-a-half months and 30 days before your intended departure. For international flights, Seaney advises purchasing tickets five-and-a-half months to 45 days before your departure date.

Shopping in the right window of time is important, but so is the day of the week on which you fly. For domestic flights, on most airlines it is cheapest to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. For international flights, on the other hand, booking a weekend flight is usually a safe bet for saving money.

Finally, in traveling, flexibility is key to getting the most bang for your buck. If you don’t absolutely need to book a non-stop, you can often find connecting flights for much cheaper. Prices depend on the travel route, so shop around before booking a nonstop on your favorite airline.AIRPORT-ASSISTANCE, AIRPORT-CONCIERGE, AIRPORT-MEET-AND-GREET, MICHAEL-CANO, MEET-AND-GREET, GATEWAY-VIP-SERVICES,3

Navigating airline pricing might seem daunting, but in reality following these insider tips and tricks can help reduce your travel costs significantly. The more you, the more you save. For more information regarding airline sales, [Click Here].

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