New FAA Bill to Improve Travel Fees, Convenience, and Safety
15 Aug 2016

AIRPORT-SECURITY-ASSISTANCE,-AIRPORT-PARKING,-ONLINE-TRAVEL-COMPANIES,-AIRPORT-CAR-SERVICE-JFK,-GATEWAY-VIP-SERVICES,-AIRLINE-ASSISTANCEPresident Obama recently signed into law a Federal Aviation Authority bill that will make travel easier and possibly cheaper for American customers. The law will go into effect in July 2017 and will have five major effects on air travel in the United States.

Under the new bill, families with children will be able to sit together for free. As of next July, airlines will be required to seat children under the age of 13 in a seat next to at least one adult they are traveling with, at no additional cost. Most airlines operating in the US charge extra fees for seat selection. British Airways, for example charges close to $50 each way to choose seats; that price can really add up for families. Figuring in the cost of sitting near your children will soon be a thing of the past.

Has an airline ever lost your luggage? You probably paid extra to check that bag that didn’t make it to your destination on time. The FAA bill says that airline must refund travelers the cost of their checked luggage if the luggage is lost or takes more than 12 hours for domestic flights (15 for international) to be delivered.

The government will allocate more funds to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), per the new bill. The hope is that the extra funds will bring more agents and dogs to security checkpoints at airports around the country, expediting the security process.

The bill is also calling for changes to the TSA Pre-Check program. You may have noticed that Pre-Check lines aren’t always open, even when the airport is at its busiest. The new bill, however, mandates that Pre-Check security lines will be opened during peak travel times, including holidays, to move people through security more quickly. The bill also asks that TSA make the program easier to sign up for by building conveniently located kiosks and making mobile programs available to travelers. The changes to TSA’s Pre-Check program could be implemented within the next few months, much sooner than the bill’s July timeline.

Safety information will be made more readily available to travelers through the annual report that the FAA bill calls for. The yearly report will assess safety risks and hazards, regarding severe weather, infrastructure, and technology issues, for airlines and airports around the country. In addition to a safety report, measures will be taken to improve the overall safety of air travel, like tightening security on secure areas and information, lessening the likelihood of foul play by airline and airport staff. Additionally, pilots will be subject to more rigorous mental health screenings and regular training sessions for manually flying a plane. For more information regarding FAA Bill, [Click Here].

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