JFK’s Terminal 4 Gets and Upgrade
26 Sep 2016

The airport and its stressors—long lines, overbooked flights, delays—are made even worse by poor design and outdated commodities. John F. Kennedy International Airport, one of the busiest in the world, has been guilty of adding unnecessary stress […]

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Airport flight will go direct into LAX
26 Sep 2016

At 4:10 p. m. on June 3rd, American Airlines will send its first flight from western Colorado to Los Angeles, establishing a previously nonexistent connection between the two states. The airline intends to schedule flights along that […]

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The 10 worst airports for Thanksgiving flights
19 Sep 2016

With the joy of the Thanksgiving season comes the frustration of traveling, and it is no secret that airports become one of the busiest places in the country. A list has been compiled that sheds light on […]

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10 Ways To Keep Your Energy Up While Traveling
15 Sep 2016

There are plenty of frustrating aspects of traveling, but jet lag doesn’t have to be one of them. The following ten tips can help you avoid jet lag by boosting your energy before take off and keeping […]

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New Baggage Regulation to Benefit Travelers and Airlines
12 Sep 2016

If you’re a frequent flyer, chances are an airline has lost your bag at least once. For every 1,000 travelers, 6.5 bags don’t arrive at their destination, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Even though […]

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Honolulu International Named Summer’s Best American Airport
9 Sep 2016

This summer’s travelers voted Hawaii as the best destination to visit. Aside from its island culture, abundant beaches, and volcanic views, Hawaii is also home to Honolulu International Airport—named the best for summer travel experience in America […]

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LaGuardia Construction Frustrates Travelers and Drivers
5 Sep 2016

In late August, LaGuardia, one of the country’s largest airports and most popular destinations, experienced a traffic catastrophe. The blockage prompted travelers to ditch their cars and taxis, walking with suitcases in hand along the highway to […]

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TripAdvisor Users Name World’s Best Airlines
2 Sep 2016

Gone are the days of searching several sights, hashtags, or travel social media accounts for real traveler’s reviews of every part of the travel process from one destination to the next. TripAdvisor recently launched its “airline reviews” […]

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New FAA Bill to Improve Travel Fees, Convenience, and Safety
15 Aug 2016

President Obama recently signed into law a Federal Aviation Authority bill that will make travel easier and possibly cheaper for American customers. The law will go into effect in July 2017 and will have five major effects […]

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Big Improvements Coming to Orlando International by 2017
8 Aug 2016

Millions of dollars in renovations are coming to Orlando International Airport. A $146 million makeover will take place in the airport’s ticket lobbies over the next year and a half in an effort to improve the size, […]

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