Who We Are

Gateway VIP Services provides personal airport arrival, departure and connection assistance and services in every major airport in the world. We are the market leader in airport travel concierge services, with a 25-year history of providing an exceptional experience to high-profile clients who expect nothing less. From curbside, to boarding, to arrivals, to transportation, Gateway VIP Services manages all of our clients’ airport concierge needs. Gateway VIP Services provides its personalized, red carpet travel experience in every major airport in the world. Our staff takes pride in providing an outstanding experience that ensures customer satisfaction. Clients include celebrities, corporate business leaders, and individual travelers worldwide—many of whom have been loyal clients for years. Special airport service needs are our specialty. Whether it is managing through difficult travel interruptions, providing expert personal care for minors or providing special assistance with elder travelers.

Our Company

Gateway VIP Services' mission and vision is to provide excellent travel assistance and services in every major airport in the world. Gateway VIP Services stands to remain credible throughout the travel industry and with its clientele for 25 years. Gateway VIP Services provides top quality, personalized meet and greet services to celebrities, corporations and to the individual traveler worldwide. Our network of diverse clientele includes those in the entertainment industry, high profile business professionals, corporate executives and individuals who may need extra travel assistance. All of Gateway's clients receive a consistent and pleasant travel experience that they can depend on when they request Gateway VIP Services. Gateway VIP Services' excellent staff from reservation agents, airline representatives, greeters, to concierge take pride in their active role in the travel industry and flying experience. With an ongoing focus on quality and overall customer satisfaction, Gateway looks forward to serving you with all your travel needs. Travel with ease with Gateway VIP Services!

Michael Cano | CEO

 Michael Cano is founder and president of Gateway VIP Services, and the company’s number one client advocate. He has been serving in the airport and concierge services industry since 1985. Michael learned the art of customer service during his more than 17 years at American Express, and gained his extensive knowledge of account management, sales, marketing, and public relations as part of a travel and logistics team at a major automobile manufacturer. Michael has a BA from The State University of New York at Albany in Business & Music. In his spare time he loves traveling to new places with his family and often plays his guitar and sings at clubs in the NYC area.


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