Gateway VIP Services provides airline travel assistance at every major airport in the world. Our clients receive personal concierge service from curbside until takeoff, including priority access through security, and from arrival through baggage claim and ground transportation!

Each Airport Meet And Greet Includes


Curbside Meet-and-Greet Service  Personal assistance to and from gate
Expedited check-in and boarding pass Escort through security and immigration
Access to VIP airline lounges  Monitoring of flight status
Boarding notification Assistance with seat assignments
Re-booking arrangements Coordination with ground transportation
 Connection support Group check-in

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What is Gateway Airport Meet and Greet Services?


Departure Assistance

A Gateway VIP Services concierge greets clients curbside or at a connecting gate, and then escorts them through airport procedures, including fast track/TSA security, immigration and customs, and baggage check—and to the gate where available. Gateway staff will also provide flight monitoring and delay notifications, handle luggage and seat assignments, provide personal shopping assistance, and assist with meal selections and flight upgrades. The concierge handles any special requests regarding security and with in-flight crew, as well. In addition, clients have access to airport lounges and VIP services. Our expert airline services makes for a smooth and easy travel and flight experience for our clients!


Connection Assistance

Gateway VIP provides connecting flight assistance, which includes monitoring connecting flights and assistance with rebooking connections due to delays or cancelations. A concierge will meet clients at their arrival gate and escort them to their connection where available, through security and immigration if needed. The concierge will also assist clients with gate-to-gate carry-on baggage where available, as well as provide assistance when connections require clients to claim and recheck baggage.


Arrival Assistance

Gateway VIP Services expedites our clients through arrival procedures. A concierge meets clients at the arrival area, escorts them through the airport where available, and then handles baggage claim and ground transportation. Additional services include private access through the airport and hotel arrangements. Gateway VIP Services also will handle any special security requests. We provide personalized red carpet treatment to meet each of our client’s needs.


Special Services

Gateway VIP Services specializes in providing custom airport travel arrangements for all types of travelers—especially those with special needs, such as elderly fliers, unaccompanied minors, and passengers in wheelchairs. Gateway is expert in providing the extra care and attention needed for every special situation. This also includes personalized security and privacy services for celebrities, high-profile business executives, and dignitaries.

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Gateway Also Offers

Assistance with Lost Luggage Assistance with Excess Baggage Arrangements
Make and Monitor Special Meal and Other In-Flight Requests Wheelchair Assistance
Assistance with Special Needs Unaccompanied Minors Services
Hotel Bookings Special Security Arrangements
Personalized Assistance for Elderly Travelers or Those with Special Needs

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Why Choose Gateway VIP Services?

With over 25 years of expertise in serving clientele who expect a seamless travel experience, Gateway VIP Services is the top-of-the-line airport concierge services provider—with a special focus on providing a luxury experience. Our dispatch team is available 24/7 for booking and reservation requests, personalizing clients’ services to ensure a hassle-free flight experience. Gateway also provides a specialized online reservation system for a seamless booking experience. Our on-site concierge staff provides flawless service from curbside to departure, arrival to connection, and gate to ground transportation.

Plus, Gateway VIP Services:

  • Provides credentialed, professional meet and greet agents
  • Is globally positioned to serve passengers at every major airport worldwide
  • Accommodates last-minute requests effortlessly
  • Meets all requirements of PCI Compliance
  • Serves clients using a state-of-the-art reservation and dispatch system

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