Poppi: the Uber of Airlines
13 Nov 2015

Poppi is the latest concept in air travel, modeled after startups like Uber and Airbnb. Though it is purely conceptual at this point, Poppi’s introduction to the travel market could completely change the way we fly.

Poppi was created by Teague, a top international design agency, to address travelers’ annoyances and needs that are not being met by popular airlines. The airline business isn’t as easy to break into as the taxi or hotel industries. So, many airlines haven’t felt the pressure to revolutionize their practices.

“To be blunt, there are big parts of the airline business model and airline practices that deserve reinvention,” said Devin Liddell, Teague’s Principal Brand Strategist. Liddell hopes that talk of Poppi will encourage airlines to consider “disruptive innovations” before a real startup turns the industry upside down.

While Poppi’s innovation seems radical, many of the ideas Teague’s team has in mind can be easily introduced into current business models. Teague has found that what passengers generally want is a more streamlined process, which would require changing the boarding process and baggage policies.

Baggage Changes

Poppi seeks to do away with carry-ons, other than small personal items like purses, backpacks, and brief cases. Teague’s plan involves replacing traditional overhead bins with “ fedora bins” where personal items can be stored during flight.

A high volume of carry-on bags significantly increases boarding time, thereby slowing down the entire flight process. Without carry-on luggage, passengers will also be able to de-board the plane much more quickly, keeping the next flight on schedule. In addition to expediting the boarding and de-boarding process, eliminating carry-on bags and overhead bins will give cabins a more open feel.

Because all bags will be checked, Poppi needs a reliable baggage claim system. Poppi uses RFID tags to track bags’ locations at all times. Travelers will then be notified when their bags are ready for pick-up.

Passenger Perks

• Cabins by passenger interest – movies, television, etc.
• Freebies for passengers stuck in the middle seat
• Real time updates to mobile devices when boarding starts
• Membership rewards program modeled after Starbucks and Amazon Prime

Poppi may not be a real company, but many of the innovative ideas it boasts could very well show up in commercial flights in the near future. Read More.

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