More European Airports Opt to Offer Ryanair’s Fast Security System
10 Feb 2016

RYANAIR, FAST-TRACK-SECURITY, AIRPORT-SECURITY, BUSINESS-TRAVEL, BUSINESS-TRAVELERSRyanair, known for its low-cost travel throughout Europe, is adding its fast track security system to 11 additional airports. This expansion will allow the company to provide quicker service to more European travelers, catering especially to those traveling for business.

With over 27 percent of Ryanair’s customers identifying as business travelers, Ryanair launched their Business Plus product in August 2014. The fast track security system, which allows passengers to skip the airport security queues in participating airports, is one of the many features that make Ryanair’s Business Plus product so attractive to customers traveling for business.

Ryanair also advertises advanced flexibility and frequency in ticketing and destinations, on time flights and low numbers of flight cancellations, premium seating and priority boarding, and several time saving features through their app, as advantages to their Business Plus travel plan. Additional benefits include free airport check-in and free second carry-on bag. Ryanair has honed in on the value modern day professionals place on their time, and has developed a nearly irresistible travel product for them.RYANAIR, FAST-TRACK-SECURITY, AIRPORT-SECURITY, BUSINESS-TRAVEL, BUSINESS-TRAVELERS

The fast track security system has recently been introduced in Birmingham, Budapest, Brussels, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Glasow, Hamburg, Malaga, Rome Fiumicino, Stockholm, Skavsta, and Stuggart airports. Adding these 11 airports to Ryanair’s list of participating locations, means that the airport’s efficient security system is now available in 25 airports across Europe.

Ryanair’s head of communications, Robin Kiely, commented on the 11-airport addition, saying, “Ryanair is pleased to add another 11 airports offering fast-track as part of our Business Plus service, ensuring business travellers enjoy a swifter airport journey, while saving time and money.” Kiely added, “Fast Track is now available at 25 airports, making Ryanair an even smarter choice for European businesses, with free airport check-in, flexible ticket changes, a 20kg bag allowance, priority boarding and premium seating.” Click Here.

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