Swiss International Airlines To Pamper All Passengers Of All Classes With Sweeping Upgrades to Boeing 777-300ER Fleet
4 Aug 2015

Anyone who has ever flown Swiss will know that the company is a byword for a great experience—but now the aviation company has gone the extra mile with a series of swooping upgrades that make this airline one of the best choices for long haul travel—or simply just traveling in comfort and luxury.

Those travelers who take every care to ensure that their airline experience is geared towards comfort not only use meet and greet services, employ car services to airports and utilize fast track support and airport assistance to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the ground—they also seek a seamless travel experience when in the air.

Swiss Airlines’ upgrade sees First Class travelers enjoying 32-inch flat screens, their own wardrobes, electrically operated window blinds and even moveable furniture for a customized individual suite that can be manipulated to personal tastes.

Business class passengers can enjoy their own personal flat screen TV along with adjustable cushions and a recliner that can recline all the way back to transform into a standard-size bed, a solution that the weary world travelers who are exhausted from jet lag will welcome with open arms.

Even economy class passengers—usually herded like cattle—enjoy an upgrade, with individual touchscreens and the on-board service supplemented with a self-serve kiosk filled with snacks and drinks.Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 2.16.27 PM

The upgrade was done by Swiss Airlines in conjunction with Priestmangoode studios, who have worked with the company before.

“Swiss has always been a world class airline, and their commitment to the passenger is exemplary,” said Nigel Goode, co-founding director of Priestmangoode.

“We are very happy to have worked with them again, enhancing our previous award-winning design to create and even better, more comfortable experience. We took inspiration from Switzerland’s design and craft heritage, as well as Swiss’ own brand identity, including the airline’s headquarters and flagship lounges in Zurich. The resulting cabins are luxurious, elegant and timeless with a lightness of touch, precise craftsmanship and attention to detail that embody the Swiss brand.”

Find out more about the upgrade and view pictures of the sleek new modern designs of the upgrade over at Luxury Launches. Read more.

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