How to Best Take Animals Along for the Ride
22 Dec 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.47.35 PMClose to two million pets and animals travel by air every year in the United States. As a pet owner, what can you do to ensure smooth travel for both you and your pet?

Just like people, some animals are very comfortable with traveling, while others don’t handle travel well. If your pet seems distressed in the time leading up to your travel, or has had bad travel experiences in the past, it is best to leave the pet at home with a trusted caretaker.

On some airlines, small pets can sit with you in the cabin, as long as they are in a carrier. Other airlines put all pets in the cargo area of the aircraft. While it is possible to check with the airline on the conditions of the cargo area, and whether or not other animals will be traveling, the conditions in the holding areas are often too scary or stressful for pets to handle. If your pet cannot travel with you in the cabin area, strongly consider leaving him or her at home with someone you trust.

If your pet has never traveled on an airplane before, it is important to let them get comfortable with the carrier they will travel in before your trip. Putting treats inside the carrier or spraying it with a natural pheromone spray can help your animal feel comfortable in the carrier. Close the door for increasingly longer periods of time, until you are confident your pet can handle the duration of your flight time inside the carrier. Ensure the carrier is well ventilated before traveling with your pet inside.

Be cautious when removing your pet from its carrier at airport security. The noisy commotion of airports, especially through TSA, can easily frighten pets. Animals may try squirming and running away if you don’t keep a firm hold and watchful eye on them.

If you know in advance that your pet does not handle travel well, ask your vet about a natural supplement with anti-anxiety effects appropriate for your pet. Tranquilizers are not recommended for travel, but if you feel a tranquilizer is the only way to calm your pet through the travel process, consult your vet first. Never experiment with new pet medications while traveling, especially if the animal is being held in the plane’s cargo area.  At Gateway VIP Services we will assist with your pets and other special need requests while traveling; call our airport concierge and we will assist you today to ensure a safe and seamless travel experience. Read More.

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