Thanksgiving | Travel Update
8 Dec 2015

Close to 50 million Americans, the highest reported number since 2007, are expected to travel 50 miles or farther from home this holiday weekend. What can you expect for your weekend travels in the wake of a record high number or travelers and the recent world tragedies?

Gas prices are now near 74 cents cheaper than they were this time last year. That means that the overwhelming majority of Americans traveling this week will be on the roads. If you are driving this week, expect to save money at the pump and to share the road with a fair amount of holiday travelers.

Though airfare prices haven’t shifted substantially in either direction, it remains true that airports and air travel can be hectic at this time of year. Expect to wait in lines and possibly encounter weather delays, depending on your destination. As always, it is better to prepare for any hiccups that could ruin your holiday plans. Follow these quick tips at this airport this week:Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.45.32 PM

• If your flight is delayed, due to mechanical issues or weather, speak to a customer service representative from your airline as soon as possible.
• If you must wait to speak directly to customer service, call the airline at any of their domestic or international numbers for faster service.
• If your flight is cancelled or rescheduled for the next day, apps like HotelTonight and Priceline can help you find last-minute hotel discounts.

• Weigh it at home first, to avoid paying later.
• Before you check your bag, place a copy of your itinerary with your cellphone number in the front pocket.
• Always keep the sticker you get at the baggage checking counter, in case your bag is lost.
• Prepare your carry on as if it will be checked. At this time very busy time of year, the airline may have to check bags that you would normally carry on. Bring a personal bag with you just incase you need to pull essentials out last minute.

• Seats begin to open up five days before the flight; check the airline’s website frequently.
• Check in 24 hours before your flight.
• Seats can be changed even after checking in at airport kiosks and on mobile apps

For assistance with holiday traveling or to make your next trip hassle free, contact one our representatives today!

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