Getting Your Travel Affairs in Order
13 Nov 2015

Here are ten things you can do now to get your travel affairs in order:

1. Get a passport. Even if you aren’t planning on traveling soon, a passport is always good to have on hand. If you already have a passport, make sure it is not expired.

2. Check up on travel miles and points. Check how many miles or points you have accumulated through air travel, hotel stays, or credit card uses. If these points are in danger of expiring or are enough to book a free flight or stay, make use of them!

3. Sign up for loyalty programs. Airlines, hotel chains, cruise lines, and car rental companies offer free loyalty programs that come with beneficial perks. Sometimes skipping the long line is as simple as giving the company your information one time.

4. Compile a printed list of your travel loyalty programs. Keep the list with account numbers, passwords, and any login information in a safe and convenient place to expedite your booking processes.

5. Examine your suitcase. Make sure the wheels, zippers, and handles all function properly. The holiday season is a great time to score deals on luggage, so don’t fret if you need to replace your old, trusty suitcase.

6. Update your bucket list. Revise your bucket list to include your top five must-see places. Try to visit at least one destination in the next year.

7. Install the latest travel apps on your phone. Once you input your account information, apps for airlines, hotels, and car rental companies are convenient for comparing prices, booking, and checking in on your mobile devices.

8. Get Global Entry. On you can purchase a 5-year pass for $100 that allows you to skip long immigration and customs lines for international flights, often places you in TSA Precheck for domestic flights, and lets you use the NEXUS fast lane when driving back to the U.S. from Canada.

9. Choose three favorite travel photos from this year. Storing tons of photos on your phone or laptop takes up memory, and you often don’t even look at them. Print three of your favorite travel photos out and look to them to relieve your winter blues.

10. Plan your next trip. There’s no time like the present. The sooner you plan, the sooner your travel dreams will become reality! Read More.

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