Technology Propels the Travel Industry Forward
17 Mar 2016

departureThe face of travel is much different than it was just a decade ago. Though recent headlines of tragedy and increase in travel costs can be intimidating, today’s travel industry is one of immense opportunity, and most importantly, choice.

There was once a time when your destinations and pattern of travel across the globe was constrained by the plans of international airlines, but today the number of international airlines and choices available to those in search of a new, exciting journey are so vast, that it can be hard to make a decision. Travelers can easily zip across the globe, from the US to Europe to South America and back.

The increased availability of choice is made even more remarkable by technology’s role in the travel industry. One tap on your smartphone phone or tablet now enables you to book a flight, check in, and find your gate’s location. Gone are the days of printing your boarding pass, or stressing about losing it somewhere between TSA and your gate. Travelers can now breeze through airports, using their smartphones to expedite the process.

Travel editor and experienced world traveler, Sophie Lam, said that in today’s travel culture, “a smartphone is now almost as essential as a passport.”

Not only do smartphones help you book travel and reduce stress at the airport, but they also serve as your map, guidebook, and camera, all in one compact device. Save your itinerary to your device, download directions from your hostel to your next destination, and scroll through thousands of images from your trip, all without any extra baggage. Housing all your travel necessities in the palm of your hand means you are better prepared, less stressed, and confidently on the go whenever you so choose.

Smartphones aren’t the only form of technology changing today’s travel industry for the better. Many airports around the world have begun implementing new forms of technology to improve the overall airport experience. New systems at baggage counters and computerized security scanning devices are allowing customers to avoid the long lines so often associated with major world airports.

In the United States, government officials and travel industry experts are exploring ways to use technology to reduce fuel costs and emission rates, and to create more efficient flight patterns. Changes like these are what we can expect in the travel industry’s near future, as the industry responds more and more to customers’ desires.

Whether you view technology as a gift or a necessary evil, there is no denying that it has revolutionized the travel industry and improved options for globetrotters around the world. For more information on travel news, [Click Here].

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