Travel Necessities
13 Nov 2015

There are a few staple items that every traveler should keep on hand. Having these items prepared before you travel will reduce your stress and costs while you are on the road. Some items on the list are obvious must-haves while others might surprise you.

Passport: Perhaps the most obvious item on the list, because forgetting your passport makes travel extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Pens: Cuts time in filling out documents.

Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman: Can’t be carried on the plane, but is a great addition to your checked luggage, because scissors, blades, toothpicks, and more are contained in one handy gadget.

Stain removing wipes or pen: Keep these in your toiletry bag to save yourself from potential wardrobe malfunctions.

Flashlight: Don’t depend on your phone’s flashlight, because it drains your battery. Keep a small LED light on hand in case of emergency.

Zip ties and safety pins: These take up virtually no space, but have a million uses. Repair broken zippers, fix clothing, secure your luggage, and more!

Bungee cords: Hold things open, down, or closed. One or two is all you need.

Ziplock bags: Great for storage and organization, and are waterproof.

Kitchen bags: Use these to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes.

Wet wipes: Perfect for freshening yourself up, cleaning up messes, and wiping down surfaces.

Bug repellent: Because nothing is more irritating than the constant itch of mosquito bites.

Lighter: To light a fire, candle, or emergency signal.

Compact umbrella or poncho: Don’t let the rain keep you cooped up in the car or hotel room.

Sewing kit: For quick fixes.

Combination lock: To keep the hotel staff honest.

Plug adapter and power strip: Possibly the most important item on the list, because there is no use traveling with dead tech devices and electronics you can’t use. A universal adapter set will allow you to charge things anywhere, and the power strip means you’ll be able to plug in several things at once. Make sure your devices are compatible with different voltages.

Cigarette lighter USB, extra phone cord, and inverter: for charging devices in the car.

Camera card and flash drive: so you don’t run out of storage space.

Money belt: keeps cash and valuables safe, and doesn’t need to be taken off at the airport.

Toiletries: keep a travel-sized set incase your luggage is lost.

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