TripAdvisor Users Name World’s Best Airlines
2 Sep 2016

Gone are the days of searching several sights, hashtags, or travel social media accounts for real traveler’s reviews of every part of the travel process from one destination to the next. TripAdvisor recently launched its “airline reviews” feature, meaning user reviews are now logged from check-in to touchdown.

With an international community of more than 300 million users, TripAdvisor’s new platform provides flight reviews from 48 countries in 29 languages, covering every major air carrier in the world. The airlines can be ranked in eight different categories, including legroom, seat comfort, and in-flight services. Users can also upload photos to accompany their reviews.

“We’re quickly becoming one of the largest places to find airline imagery and cabin content in the world,” said Bryan Saltzburg, TripAdvisor’s SVP and General Manager of Global Flights Business.

Saltzburg added that most of the reviews “skew positive.”. He said most posts are “quite well-rounded. When there’s a delay it’s about how well the airline handled the delay.”

Reviewers are asked to rate individual flights, rather than the airline as a whole. Scores are given on a 1-10 scale, based on travel reviews, aircraft quality, in-flight accommodations, and the duration of the trip from check-in to landing.

“It’s different by route,” Saltzburg said. “So many different carriers fly different routes and different aircrafts, so the seats, legroom, entertainment, and Wi-Fi options can vary greatly from plane to plane.”

Saltzburg believes that the new platform helps travelers understand what concessions they are making by choosing one certain airline over another. He also added that there is no airline that takes the cake in each and every category for its market.

LATAM, a South American airlines, was ranked number one on TripAdvisor’s list of most-loved airlines. The airline was commended for its customer service, cleanliness, and check-in and boarding processes.

One reviewer—IsabellasTrips from New York—said, “Best airline to fly to Brazil. Great onboard entertainment, very nice staff, good food, and drinks.”

Two American airlines were ranked in the top ten. In sixth place, Southwest Airlines is popular among travelers for its customer service, cleanliness, value for money, and check-in and boarding processes. Southwest also received special attention for its additional services for elderly passengers and passengers with disabilities. JetBlue Airways, ranked number 10, was acknowledged by reviewers for its legroom, customer service, cleanliness, and check-in and boarding processes.

“JetBlue has the best food and the most freebies: Wi-Fi, basic TV, and a snack zone. It has the most legroom in a standard seat (32-inch pitch). Planes feature business section, seat-back video, and proper seat power,” said CNN’s Richard Quest after a flight from Los Angeles to New York on JetBlue.

From number one fan favorite to the 20th spot, TripAdvisors most loved airlines are as follows: 1) LATAM, 2) Emirates, 3) Azul Brazilian Airlines, 4) Qatar Airways, 5) Avianca, 6) Southwest Airlines, 7) Singapore Airlines, 8) Aeroflot, 9) Garuda Indonesia, 10) JetBlue Airways, 11) All Nippon Airways (ANA), 12) Air New Zealand, 13) Japan Airlines, 14) Aegean Airlines, 15) Alaska Airlines, 16), 17) Thai Smile Airways, 18) Korean Air, 19) Asiana Airlines, and 20) Bangkok Airways. For more information regarding the world’s best airlines, [Click Here].

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